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Skeleton Party

So I kinda like skeletons.

There's something funny about them. I call them hilarious, charming, and cute. Of course, I'm sure they're anything cute about a rotting body... but when I look at one of those plastic skeletons in a science classroom, I smile. I can't help it.

I found the picture above here at We Heart It (I think I'm terribly obsessed with that site). There's something magnetic about it. I like how the skeletons are so tiny, and the red-hatted one had his hand on the yellow-hatted one's leg. What could it mean? They both look like guy skeletons to me, but I could be wrong. They're sitting stiffly, as if their mother skeleton is forcing them to pose for the camera.

Mommy Skeleton: Now smile!

Yellow: But Brad's touching me. Tell him to stop.

Red: I'm not touching him. He's lying.

Mommy Skeleton: Look, we're not cutting the cake until you sit still. We need a nice picture for Daddy, considering he wasn't seen you in 126 years. If they dig him up this year, you probably won't want him to scold you.

What do you think of when you look at it?

In my Who Am I? section, I mention that I like weird things. Including tap-dancing skeletons. There's a story behind this. My friend and I were trying to study one night, bemoaning the fact that Halloween was on its way and we didn't have the time to go out. We kept the television on one of the lower channels and were strangely entranced by an old Halloween special where old celebrities (none I knew of) got together in costumes to dance and sing. The show was incredibly corny. My friend and I dropped our books and laughed hysterically. At one point a group of skeletons came out and tap danced. It was brilliant. I wiped the tears out of my eyes and thought, without a doubt, that the corniness was so high that it could actually be considered good.

With that being said, I like watching old horror films. And I mean really old. This small hobby has led me to my silent film favorites such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (which I referenced in my Men of Honor post) and Nosferatu. Other black and whites continue to be a lot of fun, and one of them has a knee-slapping (yes) skeleton moment towards the end of the film. I highly recommend you click the video and enjoy it. Rest assured I cry-laugh every time I do :)