• 2014 Guest Author for Cantilevers: Journal of the Arts
  • 2013 Grand Prize Winner of Origami Zoo Press's Tweet-Sized Fairy Tale Contest
  • 2013 Winner of's "Find Your Inner Strength: The Sweetest Dark Flash" contest for "Here Is a Heart"
  • 2013 Winner of's "Time Between Us" contest for "Afternoon at Noodledom Palace"
  • 2012 Winner of's "Probability of Miracles" contest for "Skeleton Friend"
  • 2011 Winner of's "Let Them Eat Figs" contest for "The Princess & Her Shadow"
  • 2011 Winner of's "Serial Contest" for Flour House
  • 2011 Runner Up of's "New Years" contest for "Disappear"
  • 2010 Wesley Ryals Award in Fiction
  • 2009 Student Writing Award in Fiction
  • 2007 First Place in Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing Award
  • 2007 Runner Up in TOKYOPOP's Alex Unlimited Contest


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*header photo by Regina Rached