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Summer is for Music: New Bands I Discovered

First things first - I know this blog says my last post was in May, but actually, I've been blogging all month at the Swoon Reads blog as July's featured Swoon Author! Did you miss my witty posts (the GIFS, though!)? No worries. You can find them over here on the "Other Publications" page.

A strange phenomenon happened this summer: I discovered multiple bands/musicians I loved so much on first listen, that I bought all their albums immediately. Yes, that’s right. Are you saying that’s normal?

Not for me. I’m usually a one song kind of girl. When I find bands I like, it’s kind of a big deal for me. But apparently the universe has sent me some great tunes to listen to as I spend my sticky hot summer in my cubicle. Music is like air when you’re working. It’s better than coffee (not that I drink it). Music wakes me up and keeps me inspired throughout the day. 

The bands I discovered will inevitably have their songs end up on my writing project playlists sooner rather than later. But right now, I want to share the magic with you! 



Since I'm a huge Gotham fan who's trying to survive the weeks before Season 2 hits TV, I listened to other fans' playlists. I found "Cops and Robbers," a song a Gotham fan had thought was perfect for James Gordon's snarky partner, Harvey Bullock. It IS perfect in so many ways. So's the song. 



I don't remember how I found Seabird, but the dreamy, feel-inducing songs have stolen my heart. "Please, Please" was the first song I stumbled upon, and I'm pretty sure I had it on repeat while revising a heartwrenching scene for my editor. 



Hey Ocean! is delightful in so many ways. I love the catchy, upbeat tunes paired with cheeky music videos. This video for "Change" is one of my favorites. Plus, I have a soft spot for zombies with heart (no pun intended!). I have a lot of favorites from Hey Ocean! but there's one song that is what I consider THE theme song for my Second Book with Swoon Reads. More on that later.



I probably found Foreign Slippers while clicking on You Tube's sidebar for interesting tunes to try (that's usually how I stumble on new songs at work). The haunting melodies and moody lyrics caught me immediately. Plus, as far as music videos go, I love creepy puppets. 



Well, okay, I love swing and electro swing music. So falling for Rose & The Howling North was inevitable as soon as I heard this song, "Cuckoo." I love the lyrics and the turn the song takes later on. I think I'll be writing to this song for multiple projects. I can feel it :) 

Have you discovered any new bands or musicians this summer that have made you want to write?