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Give Me Couches or Give Me Writer's Block

Between catching up with old friends and making a dent in my reading list, I've been writing everyday. I think I've become a bit more simplistic with what I need in order to write these days...

1. New glasses. My prescription hasn't changed, but I splurged on a new pair of glasses to change my look. I needed a bit of refreshing, considering that I had my old pair for five years. So I got giant hipster glasses that I'm madly in love with (pictured above). Totally makes me want to write... even though I'm getting used to that extra weight balancing on my nose, haha!

2. Netbook. I'm entirely dependent on Spell Check and Google while writing, so I couldn't possibly write without my trusty netbook in my lap! Yes, that is a Rarity sticker. Mr. Daydream is there too, reminding me to write weird stuff.

3. Couch. Maybe I haven't met a chair I liked, but I write best when I'm sitting on a comfy couch.

4. Notes. Even though I don't write my projects on paper, I do take a lot of notes. I carry little notebooks with me wherever I go. Whether I collect my notes on paper or on my netbook, it usually consists of snippets - things my characters will say, plot twists, backstories, etc.

Music and snacks tend to vary per project. I don't actually eat while writing, but if I'm stuck and I pace around the house, I may reach for Cherry Twizzlers Bites. I've been listening to a lot of show theme's (Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who) and Sea Wolf albums while writing.

What do you need in order to write? Have your habits changed recently?