The Versatile Blogger Award!

So, the other day (or should I say, weeks ago) I checked the blogs I follow and found that Melee from The Midnight Train of Thought was wonderfully kind in bestowing "The Versatile Blogger Award" upon little I Wear Milk Crowns. I was super excited about it and couldn't wait to follow up with my answering post - until Spring Break arrived and I rode the waves of the Carried Away scent. Ah.

So school's back in session. There was a power outage this morning that left me, understandably, upset because the paragraph in one of my stories that I had just edited was lost to the infinite blackness that was my office. Only the emergency lights from the hallway offered refuge. I was so disgruntled that I stayed in the dark office until the lights came on twenty minutes later. Of course, my paragraph was forever lost.

So I decided to do something fun to take my mind off of it, something I had been meaning to do. This post. Here's the conditions for the award:

1. Thank the person who loved you enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers - in no particular order - who are some way.
4. Drop by and let your ten new friends know you admire them.

I think I've told Melee, thank you, but if I haven't: THANK YOU! I'm honored!

Alas! The sacred seven facts:

1. You can bribe me to do almost anything by offering me Peeps.

2. I'm still struggling to find my place in the world of Disney Princess identification. I used to love Ariel the best as a kid, and now it's Sleeping Beauty (though I confess it's mostly because of Prince Phillip) but I know in my heart that I'm actually most like Belle in personality. I love books and spacing out, and would probably have no issue with talking candlesticks and clocks.

3. When it comes to writing, I tend to overexert myself. I take on multiple projects at once and even feel like, while doing those, that I need to do more. This surprisingly does not result in unfinished short stories and the like, but it does mean I have way too much on my mind. My friends cock their eyebrows and sometimes slap me when they hear me talk about a new project. They mean well, haha.

4. I've ridden on a hot air balloon. It was only ten minutes, but it was one of the best moments of my life.

5. There are two likely reasons for me being crabby. 1) Heat. Hot weather. Not even mints can make me forget the sweat and sluggishness. 2) I'm working on a story in my head. Most likely I'm thwarted from jotting notes down on a computer or piece of paper. Other times I just want to be left alone to mentally work on a particular scene or dialogue.

6. I dream of buying a mustard yellow pea coat someday. I have strange expectations that, when I do find one, it will mean that I've achieved something great in my life. Like a marker or something.

7. I love coincidences. Because I don't believe that they are coincidences. I love whatever it is that makes me stumble upon a long-lost childhood book in a used bookstore or lets me here my favorite song while I'm strolling around the grocery store. Those strange moments of timeliness, like straight out of a movie script. I feel one with the universe in those moments, haha.

I'm still relatively new on the blog scene, but I found some that I absolutely love to read: